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    In 2011, after more than thirty years of manned space flight, the Space Shuttle Program ended and Shuttles are no longer flying out of Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  However, the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 established that the expansion of human space flight beyond the International Space Station and low-earth orbit would “support overall improvements at the Kennedy Space Center for multiple users and operations.” With the transition from the Shuttle to the next program, KSC is preparing itself for non-traditional users and operations as it prepares for the orderly development and use of its 140,000 acres.

    The KSC Spaceport of tomorrow will be quite different from the KSC government launch complex of today. The KSC Spaceport of tomorrow will support a multitude of vertical, horizontal and developing space operations.  Private aerospace companies will choose to locate supply chains functions near the Spaceport and expand operations.  The Spaceport will actually begin to support itself through the mix of government and commercial users – thus providing a sustainable business model and competitive environment which will ultimately drive down the costs of commercial and government launch operations.

    Challenge Description:

    Design a concept of the Kennedy Space Center Spaceport in 2040, using the spaceport’s current state as a starting point. Show government and commercial facilities for: orbital launch, suborbital launch and processing. Include the required community planning of research parks, tourism, and supporting infrastructure (transportation, hotels, etc.).

    Functional Specifications:

    This challenge is open ended so you may choose to develop your own deliverable or consider one of following:

    Create a “build your own spaceport” website or smartphone application based on the current state of the spaceport’s design.  Users can add functional buildings or spaceships to the spaceport.   Allow users to take snapshots of their designs and upload them to social media.   

    Create a website virtual tour or “fly-through” of the spaceport in its current state.  Give users the ability to add layers to the current spaceport to show planned developments and timeframes for development.  A zoom-in of individual buildings could provide descriptions of the function of each with historical vignettes where applicable.


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