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    The JPL Small-Body Database provides information on a number of small objects (like asteroids) in the solar system. However, actually contextualizing and understanding this data for a non-scientist is difficult.

    Challenge Description:

    Improve the “Planet Hopper" project from Space Apps 2012, and adapt it for use with small body space objects.

    Functional Specifications:

    Review the challenge description from 2012 (http://2012.spaceappschallenge.org/challenge/open-data-challenge-kepler/solution/47), and the resulting website (http://www.planethopper.co.uk/systems/) and determine how the site could be more useful for a non-technical user. 

    Make sure the site explains what a small body object is, and how it compares to other objects in the solar system.

    The current Planet Hopper webpage assumes the user knows why there are on the page, and what they are looking at. On the improved version, the participant should add contextual information and narrative to better explain the purpose of the site to non-technical users.

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  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Asteroid Hopper

      La idea es modificar el sitio de Planet Hopper, para que en vez de planetas muestre asteroides cercanos. Además, que sea más amigable y fácil de usar para personas no expertas en el tema, y que entregue descripciones de los objetos que se van mostrando. Visit Project

    • sol.js

      Node.js, MongoDB app that exposes a RESTful API of locations, orbits, and images of near earth objects. If we can we'd like to create a WebGL visualization of objects and easy way to explore and interact with them -- and possibly other uses currently viewing the simulation. Visit Project

    • My Asteroid Hopper

      Make a child friendly version of “Planet Hopper" project from Space Apps 2012 and adapt project to asteroids. Visit Project

    • StarHopper

      Explore our universe in this intuitive app created for both young and old. Soar through the star-filled void towards stars, asteroids, planets and all that our galaxy has to offer. Learn all about specific celestial bodies, search for those you want to see and we will take you there. Through Star... Visit Project