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    Since 2006, NASA's Aeronautics Test Program (ATP) has been collecting utilization data for the agency's ground test aeronautics research capabilities, which include wind tunnels, icing tunnels, and propulsion test facilities used to advance the state of the art in designs and technologies for aircraft, rotorcraft, spacecraft, and even NASCAR racing vehicles. ATP is challenged with creating a super graphic that can visually depict the utilization trends for twelve ground test facilities. ATP's current super graphic is a sand chart created in MSExcel that categorizes the total utilization across customers from the Commercial sector, the Department of Defense and NASA.  Quite frankly, the sand chart is getting stale.  ATP needs more information to be visualized to engage our audience in their understanding of NASA's utilization trends with regard to ground test facilities.

    Challenge Description

    Use the supplied utilization data to visualize the trends over the life of the NASA's Aeronautics Test Program (ATP).

    Functional Specifications

    Create a website or application with the ability to view data by speed regime (subsonic, transonic, supersonic, hypersonic), by NASA research center, or even by individual ATP facility.  

    The challenge is somewhat open-ended.  Feel free to be creative with your visualization ideas so long as they provide value-added over an excel sand chart.  


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