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    The goal of NASA's Airspace Systems Program is to increase the capacity and efficiency of air traffic operations while reducing the total cost. Current air traffic operations include about 50,000 operations per day. However, most of the public does not have a clear understanding of the problems, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies of the current system. Making the public aware of the problems, giving them a better understanding of the shortcomings of the current system, could help advance the case being pushed by the Airspace Systems Program.

    Who would use the products of this challenge? High school and college students; new companies; business schools; NASA

    Challenge Description

    Summary: a gaming and technology crowd-sourced development platform to evolve the best ideas for future air traffic management. Key functions related to air traffic management include, but not limited to, flight planning, scheduling, airport surface movement, rerouting airborne aircraft based on weather and winds, and efficient arrival/departure planning from gate to gate. The gaming and technology development platform will allow the public to participate as a controller, pilot, dispatcher, or flow manager. The platform will simulate at least 5 airports and connecting flights within the United States, and show gate-to-gate operations. The platform will also allow the users to change the roles and responsibilities of the controller, pilots, and dispatchers with appropriate decision support capabilities. For example, the conflict detection and resolution task can be performed either by the controller or pilots. We recognize that, in the 48 hours of the Space Apps Challenge, the entire air traffic management system simulation is not possible. However, the goal of this effort will be to build a scalable, open source, development and gaming framework where others can add airports, routes, airspace details, and aircraft characteristics.

    Functional Specifications

    Data Availability:

    • As the goal of this activity is to create an open source environment, the data build for this simulation will come from publically available information on the Web related to flight schedules, actual weather and forecast, and airport locations and configuration. These sources include the Bureau of Transportation Statistics here.

    Candidate Products:

    • Develop a web-based framework where air traffic management system elements such as airports, airspace, routes, aircraft characteristics, and functions supported by controllers, pilots, and dispatchers can be simulated in an integrated manner. Metrics such as distance, time, delays, fuel consumption, and total costs should be produced for flights.
    • Develop a web-based initial simulation capability that contains at least 3 airports and 30 aircraft, three airlines, pilot, dispatcher, and controller functions. The capability will also provide visual depiction of the traffic and other important characteristics.
    • Develop an on-line tutorial on how others can add more details such as additional aircraft, airports, routes, airline operations, controllers, dispatchers, and pilots.


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