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    Almost everyone loves to watch the stars. What if you could read or watch the rest of your life by the stars? Regardless of weather or location, if you go high up enough, you can always see stars. Let’s let the data shape what we can see by them.

    Challenge Description:

    Create a virtual tour of the star maps produced by the Kepler telescope. You may also create something different that generally promotes engagement with the Kepler telescope.

    Functional Specifications:

    This challenge is intended to be open-ended - be creative in how you approach the concept of creating a virtual tour. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Create a website and/or smartphone app that accesses the imagery captured by the Kepler telescope and provides a virtual tour of the stars in each image.  Include star names, type of star and any other relevant, available data. 
    • The tour could be automated and “zoom” from section to section of the map highlighting certain stars.  Alternatively, it could be user driven, allowing the users to navigate the map themselves, selecting the type of data they’re interested in to be displayed. 
    • Create a twitter feed to notify when new star map images are uploaded (this occurs monthly).


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