• Space Apps Atlanta is a chance to bring together the brightest minds in the area for a weekend of fun and innovation. We welcome developers, makers, tinkerers, designers and anyone interested in advancing human understanding of space to partner up and use their skills to solve big problems facing the planet.

    The Challenges


    Friday Reception

    Join us for an informal kickoff on Friday night. Jon Wallace of SpaceWorks will be giving a presentation on entrepreneurial space ventures. Refreshments will be provided.

    6:30pm – doors open

    7:00pm – presentation by Jon Wallace

    7:30pm – overview of challenges we'll be working on

    7:00pm – form teams and start hacking

    10:00pm – doors close for the night


    9:00am – doors open

    9:30am – announcements and logistics

    10:00am – developing begins

    12:30pm – lunch break

    1:30pm – developing continues

    4:30pm – (optional) progress review

    6:30pm – dinner break

    8:00pm – more developing

    10:00pm – doors close for the night


    9:00am – doors open

    12:30pm – lunch break

    1:30pm – last minute hacks

    2:00pm – presentations

    4:00pm – awards

    5:00pm – reentry & splashdown (post-event drinks)

    About Our Sponsors

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    Projects Nominated for Global Judging




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    • MailChimp
    • Mandrill
    • Atlanta Tech Village
    • GitHub


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  • The following projects were worked on at Space Apps Challenge Atlanta: