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    Almi's vision is to create opportunities for all viable ideas and companies to be developed. With our advisory service, loans, venture capital and incubation, we have customers in all commercial phases, from ideas to successful companies. This includes ideas with potential for growth in the early stages as well as existing companies that are investing in growth and expansion. Almi is owned by the government and regional public owners, and is near to its customers in 40 locations around the country.

    Almi is organised into four business areas: Advisory service, Loans, Venture capital and Incubation.

    Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg is a centre for research and development for new technology and communication. At Lindholmen today there are 330 companies with 10 000 employees, where the largest employers are Ericsson, Volvo Technology, IBM, Semcon and SVT.

    Visual Arena Lindholmen is a meeting place for business, university and society that offers advanced equipment for visualization. The vision is to create a world-class visualization environment that offers a shared arena for interaction and innovation through visualization.One of our goals is to strengthen Sweden´s position in the field of visualization, in order to attract foreign businesses and investment.

    Campus Lindholmen consists of the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology and the IT University. There are a total of 10 000 university students, researchers and teachers working at Campus Lindholmen.

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