• Welcome to the International Space Apps Challenge! From April 20-21st, people from all over the world will collaborate on tough & worthwhile challenges. Combine intelligence, passion, and purpose to create the kind of answers that will benefit both Earth & Space. And do it all in Space City: home of Mission Control & the Johnson Space Center. "Houston, We Have A Solution".  Come out and join us for some of the following challenges:
    Event judging will be conducted by Sarah Worthy with mentoring provided by Aleberry Creative


    SATURDAY - April 20 (9:00am - 10:00pm) DO. MORE. FASTER. SMARTER.

    Saturday will be a full day of building solutions for the Space Apps Challenge. Get with your teams and figure it out, build it, share it. Iterate don't hesitate. SNACKS WILL BE PROVIDED. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is on you. We'll head to Rice Village for lunch and dinner. BEER WILL BE PROVIDED FOR 21+

    9:00am - Intro to Space Apps, Keynote, Team Forming, DO.

    11:00am - Stand up and feedback.

    12:30pm - Lunch

    5:30pm - Dinner

    10:00pm - Shutdown and reboot for the night. Or keep working! (You'll need coffee.)

    SUNDAY - April 21 (9:00am - 9:00pm) MORE DOING. AWARDS. CELEBRATE.

    Sunday is for finishing up your solutions and preparing them for judging. Judging will begin at 3:00pm on Sunday. At 5:30pm we will head down to Rice Village just down the street. 

    9:00am - Back to doing!

    11:00am - Stand up and feedback

    12:30pm - Lunch is served

    1:00pm - Group  begin presentations of solutions

    2:30pm - Slide Decks due

    3:00pm - Judging begins

    4:00pm - Awards begin

    5:30pm - Head to Rice Village to celebrate all of your accomplishments!

    9:00pm - Head home, relax, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!



    High speed internet and WiFi will be provided. Eat breakfast before you come. We'll go to Rice Village for lunch & dinner. We'll also have whiteboards, markers, power strips, etc. All you need to bring is your computer, chargers, and a great attitude.

    We look forward to seeing you!



    • Rice Space Institute
    • Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company


    Rice UniversityMap it
    6100 Main Street
    Brockman Hall, Room # 101
    Houston, Texas
    United States





  • The following projects were worked on at Space Apps Challenge Houston: