• Maui Makers is a maker space on the island of Maui, State of Hawaii, USA. – that is a community operated physical place providing tools, space, instruction and community to support the making of things. We are an organized group of local fabricators, engineers, makers, creators, artisans and thinkers who work together.

    We are students of technology and teachers of trades. We are your next door neighbor, your co-worker, the person standing in line behind you at the grocery store. Some of us love to teach and all of us love to learn. Some of us geek it out over computers,robotics, wireless, agriculture, programming, make circuit boards or electronics, but we all make stuff.

    MauiMakers is a proud participant of the 2013 NASA Space Apps Challenge. NASA Space Apps Challenge is a hackathon where groups around the world design, code, and create solutions to specific space problems. During this hackathon we will be focusing on autonomous deployable greenhouses. Our goal is to create a full conceptual design for a greenhouse using NASA's guidelines and suggestions. The space will be open 24/7 for the event. Lunch and dinner is pot luck, please bring a dish to share or your own food to eat. The event will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21st.



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    E Camp 5 Rd
    Puunene, Hawaii
    United States





  • The following projects were worked on at Space Apps Challenge Puunene: