• The International Space Apps Challenge is a technology development event during which citizens from around the world work together to solve challenges relevant to improving life on Earth and life in space. Join us in over 75 cities around the world or at home on April 20-21, 2013.

    Reno is a one of the 75 host cities for this challenge. Over a 24 hour period you can join a group of Reno's finest hardware and software hackers to solve challenges in collaboration with others around the globe.

    Here is the schedule of events for the upcoming Space Apps Challenge.
    Friday : 
         6pm-8pm - mixer at the Reno Collective (address & map link below) to kick things off.
         9am : event start
        3pm : post status update to NASA 
        10pm: pause
        9am : resume - post status update to NASA
        3pm : post final update to NASA
        4pm-5pm : review and wrap up

    NASA, in cooperation with other International Space Agencies, have selected 50 challenges. Here is a sample of what's on tap:

    • WHY WE EXPLORE SPACE - We tell the story of how and what, but very rarely do we talk about the "why.” Help us tell the “why” of space exploration through the creation of compelling narratives and visualizations of the stories and data from NASA's history.
    • HITCH A RIDE TO MARS - Design a CubeSat (or constellation of CubeSats) that can utilize extra space onboard future robotic Mars missions to help us understand more about the Red Planet.
    • SPOT THE STATION - Expand functionality of Spot the Station to add a social context to finding the International Space Station in the night sky.
    • NEAR EARTH OBJECT VISUALIZATION - Visualize NASA's data repositories of Near Earth Objects (both asteroids and man-made debris) and contribute to a citizen-powered database of amateur astronomer sightings and confirmations of NEOs in the solar system.
    • CURIOSITY AT HOME - Create a physical representation of NASA's Curiosity rover based on the data from Curiosity's first 90 sols.
    • SEVEN MINUTES OF SCIENCE - Develop a concept to utilize 150kg of ejectable mass during the entry and landing phase of a Mars mission to accomplish scientific or technical objectives.
    • CATCH A METEOR - Citizen observations of planetary events can provide valuable context to research. Create a mobile application which would allow observers of a meteor shower to trace the location, color, and size of a shooting star.
    • REVISITING DATA ACCESSIBILITY - One of our most challenging issues around data archival is ensuring that the data is maintained in formats that are accessible and useable in the long-term. Last year, exoAPI and vicar2png addressed this issue for our exoplanet data and VICAR imagery. Help us revitalize antiquated data by creating open source tools to transform, display, and visualize data.
    • CREATE YOUR OWN - in Reno we will have access to the following hardware to use in this category:
      • LEAP Motion ControllerThe remarkably accurate, incredibly natural way to interact with your computer.
      • Pinoccio - A Complete Ecosystem for Building the Internet of Things
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    The Reno Collective is a collaborative workspace for designers, creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, rocket scientists and startups.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    OpenROV Command Center

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    ROVMasters United Award - OpenROV Command Center



    • Reno Collective
    • Pinoccio - A Complete Ecosystem for Building the Internet of Things
    • ShortStack
    • LEAP Motion
    • GitHub


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