• The Tallahassee site is being hosted at Making Awesome, Tallahassee's makerspace. It's located at 119 Century Park Drive, off Pensacola Street, behind Tallahassee Community College. There is parking at the site and the StarMetro Transit route T has a stop on Pensacola, one block south of the venue.

    We have work space set aside for the event including a large room (3000 sq. ft.) with tables and chairs, and two smaller breakout rooms.

    Both wired and wireless internet access will be provided at the venue.

    Here are the projects being worked on today:

    Backyard Poultry Farmer

    Bootstrapping the Space Industry

    3D printing challenge

    Earth from Space

    There will be swag bags for the first 30 registrants with some very nice gifts.  We have some outstanding prizes for the winning projects.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Launchpad: Moon

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    Earth Tiles - OpenTiles
    Bootstrapping of Space Industry - Launchpad: Moon
    Backyard Poultry Farmer - ChickenPotPi
    Syncing NASA Open Source Projects - Git'rDun
    3D Printing Contest - Clumbia
    Dark Side of the Moon - Dark Side of the Moon



    • Making Awesome, Tallahassee's Makerspace
    • The Challenger Learning Center
    • FSU Department of Scientific Computing
    • Adafruit Industries
    • SparkFun Electronics
    • Visit Tallahassee
    • All Saints Cafe


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    119 Century Park Drive
    Tallahassee, Florida
    United States





  • The following projects were worked on at Space Apps Challenge Tallahassee: