• You don't have to be at a local event to participate in Space Apps… you just need a computer, an Internet connection and a desire to collaborate with others to build applications. This intense 48 hour weekend is for developers, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs – anyone who is a space and science enthusiast. You will connect online with global dispatch to find a team that needs your specific skills and expertise to help solve a challenge. All from the comfort of your own home.

    Now, when we say 48 hours, that is the time that we expect you to commit in your own time zone. Of course, it's more complicated than that globally, and since you are participating virtually, here's some cool information:

    The first event started in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, 18 April 8:00pm GMT (you have to do your own conversion to your time zone - check here if you need help) and the last event in Hawaii ends on Monday, 22 April 7:00am GMT. That's 83 total hours of hackathon awesomeness and thousands of potential teammates for you to work with!! Some of the physical locations will also be livestreaming their events, so you can bounce around to different location pages and see what's going on all over the world!

    Intro Video
    All physical Space Apps Challenge locations will start with the video on the homepage. Watch it! Get inspired!

    What can you do?
    • Create your own team and form a global team to solve a challenge!
    • Find a challenge you want to work on and locate a team that needs your skills (that team may even be at your wait listed location)!
    • Find a challenge you want to solve yourself and do it!
    • Find a challenge that you and your friends or co-workers are excited about and solve it!
    • Some other means of working that I haven't thought of!

    What to do
    1. Become a ViP (a Virtual Participant). Register by clicking that green button on the right hand side of this page, just over the world map.
    2. Review the challenges. There are 50 of them, so feel free to begin perusing these early. The sooner you figure out what you want to do, the more time you have to meet awesome people and make awesome projects.
    3. Want to start a new team? 1) Make it official by creating a Project. 2) add your info into the Matchmaking!! section on the Hackpad of your chosen Challenge page. 3) Build your team - invite friends, tweet about it, check the Matchmaking!! section for people that want to work with you.
    4. Want to find a team to joing? 1) Add your information into the Matchmaking!! section of the Hackpad of your chosen Challenge page. 2) Search the Matchmaking!! section for teams that are looking for you.
    5. Team communication. Each team will create its own means of communication (if you're starting a team, you'll want to figure this out). We've found that this works a lot better than trying to force everyone to do it the same way.
    Finally, don't forget to have the number (or url) for your favorite food delivery place handy so you can keep your energy level up all through the night!!

    Additional Resources
    We have received offers from the following organizations to help make your weekend great. Feel free to take advantage of them, but keep in mind that we are not directing, endorsing, or providing technical support for any of these.
    1. Instant text sharing with up to 150 people (with code highlighting): http://spaceapps.hackpad.org/
    2. Cloud hosting: CloudSigma at http://cloudsigma.com/spaceapps2013/ or Dimension Data (providing $200 USD in free credit to participants) at https://meacloud.dimensiondata.com/Sign-Up-Now with promo code: DDNHPC01
    3. Free SMS and Voice services to all participants of the International Space Apps Challenge. 
      Sign up at http://Tropo.com and contact Space Apps Krakow lead Johnny Diggz [email protected] if you have any questions.

    If you need anything, I will be adding to the FAQ below as the questions role in - check there first. If that fails:
    • You can comment at the bottom of this page
    • email me [email protected]
    • tweet me @wmburke
    • skype chat w.m.burke
    • global skype chat spaceapps
    • Do I HAVE to work with a team?
      Of course not - this all about empowering you to work at your best. If you want to work alone or with your pre-established team, do it! We're just trying to make it super easy to connect with other people because you never what will happen.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Mars Watchtower

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    Honorable Mention - REPROV wheel (Self-Replicant Rover wheel)
    Honorable Mention - SCH Academy 1S Red Giant Concert
    Honorable Mention - Telescope Schedules
    Honorable Mention - Mars 24/7
    Honorable Mention - Clucker!
    Global Nomination - Asterank NEO Database
    Global Nomination - Inbound


    • NASA
    Virtual Participation is open to anyone anywhere on Planet Earth





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  • The following projects were worked on at Space Apps Challenge Virtual: