• The 3D space printer ("International Print Station"), presents ability to print, manufacturer,farm,maintain and repair constructs of variable measure: vehicles, space components (internal), containments, containments;  hardsurface, softbodies, biological, chemical, compounded. 

    Primary: - Print feasible applications in space: Space Elevators, Probes , Outposts, Biolabs, Passive Powerplants (solar, thermal [radiation], space-nuclear [specialized harvested minerals from asteroids]; think of CANDU nuclear power plant: modular cilandria (large mattrice of fuel bundles).

    Perpetual printing: "Printer Manifolds" (a method to parametrically extend, augment perimeters to achieve more flexible 
    construction volume to take precedence in construction); stretches the construction area for specialized dimensions for either particular compounded c0omplex parts or achieve appropriate rate of printing (for cases where time sensitive element is the issue)

    Therefore: it could adapt to print from Space elevators or galactic scaffolding lines, to ship yard, space data center (an ambitious expansion for telecommunication industry; saves space on homeland, more security in remote space..)

    Oskar is looking for aero space engineers that is looking for applications that can be used to print/manufacture constructs or apply applications inside a geostationary 3D print station.


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