This project is solving the International Print Station challenge.

Many plastic garbage are floating over the Pacific Ocean like a soap. This material would be use it for material to feed the 3D print in the space, and make space plastic modules or spacecraft with a least 3 or 4 years life time depends of the kind of shield of the new plastics spacecrafts.

To upload the garbage plastic to the Geostacionary space 3D print station would be needed in first periods of time heavy rockets like Delta4heavy or Ariane V. to cheap cost of the upload garbage to the station may be required a new develoment of new cheap solid fuel rockets using a cheap compound of chilean salitre. the goal woul be 10 take off solid fuel rockets for month to sustain a ambicious production rate of the 3D space station printer.

the 3d space station printer first goal would be make plastic modules for a very Big Geostationary City for 10.000 people, for tourism, astronomy, agriculture production. second goal to make heavy plastic and large arms to move things in the space.

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