The Problem: The need of dispose of non-perish food as fruits and vegetables in prolonged space missions. The design of a greenhouse that produce food in the target planet surface The solution: A greenhouse ship capable of being self-deployed and being of self-sustain and kept in extreme conditions How: -Solar and photovoltaic panels for generating electricity and warm the inside of the enclosure. -Inflatable superstructure that can resist weather conditions. -Geometry optimized for maximum solar energy collecting facility at 25 ° north latitude -Hydroponics, pre-formulated media (Chilean nitrate) dome superstructure content added with Martian soil. Rich in minerals and Ferrum

This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.


The deployment of the greenhouse in Mars non tripulated will be in the paralels 0 to 40 degrees, to make posible to be auto sustainable and make sure the food for the astronauts at least for a year only in the first harvester.

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