This Project is for Creating an application based hardware that Help Astronauts to do some job quickly . They can ask a Robot To do something or think about an issue. if each astronaut has an assistance they can be more useful in space or even on The earth... This Project is Going To Create An Application Based on MPU Hardware that can Have A lot resource for helping to astronauts.

This project is solving the Syncing NASA Open Source Projects challenge.


for this project we want to build A Micro Robot that attached to Astronaut's Cloth. this robot can hear Sounds and Think about theme ! for such tools we need to run Voice Processing and Speech Recognition for hearing the sounds, then we need to get ability of Speaking. we need Two Large Database system , one for per known Data and one for learning data.

this robot can talk to astronauts , can calculate something , can communicate with a place and report to Astronauts , can alarm for something and even it can do a mechanical job repair mission , it can take tools from astronaut's Hands and ect...

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