This project is solving the CubeSats for Asteroid Exploration challenge.

Using a quadcoptor as a platform. This project will attempt to create a cubsat analogue that will autonomously mapping the surface of an asteroid. The goal is to modify an off the shelf quadcoptor with custom avionics that will permit autonomous flight, as a sonar that will perform the mapping. The work will be divided into two tracks. The first track will implement the quadcopter avionics an sensor package, the second track will build a web based interface for displaying the mapping results. Below is a list of requirements for each track.

Track 1 (avionics):

Replace stock quadcoptor avionics with arduino based "AeroQuad" software. Modify the "AeroQuad" sftware for autonomous flight. Write arduino code to operate sonar. Write arduino code to enable wireless serial communication.

Track 2 (web interface)

Write a node.JS and server to relay wireless serial messages from quadcoptor to web interface. Write three.js interface to map data in 3D

Technologies: Nodejs, Arduino, JavaScript, C++, WebGL.

Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL:


AeroQuad flight software -
ThreeJS: 3d javascript library -
Flight software code repository -
Parallax 28015revB Sonar Sensor -
Arduino software repository -
Web software repository -
Kinect Scan repository -