This project is solving the Reach For the Stars challenge.

Augmented Solar system is an educational application that is designed to teach kids tabout our solar system. Through creating an entertaining and interactive application we hope to promote space exploration, generate awareness about what NASA does and educate people.

The project contains 2 applications, which where meant to be integrated but unfortunately couldn't be completed in 48 hours.

Project App #1 The first application is a virtual solar system augmented reality model, which was built up using data from NASA and intended to be as accurate as possible ( real world data was normalized ). The model comes complete with information on each planet and textures from NASA

Project App #2

This portion of the project was aimed at allowing users to explore a planets surface by controlling an astronaut. We have completed a moon exploration level but we'll add the remaining planets going forward.

Final Product

Ultimately we want to have the solar system model and Visit the Planet feature into one complete integrated application which will be free to use. We are looking for people who would like to contribute to the project with 3models for the planet surfaces and modelling some of the planets as well. We have just 2 people in our team and welcome any help !

Notes: The project is for Android devices currently (IOS and Windows to come later), we have included 2 separate APKS, The NASA_Space_APPs.apk needs to be used in conjunction with ARSolarTrackable7.jpg.

This project was done using Qualcomms Vuforia SDK. We have shared all custom scripts and resources except for the planet models and Unity project file itself. we have included the apk and the image file needed to test the project. We will add more files as soon as we have reviewed the licencing in detail and we will be developing our own planet models which means we can share the planet models with everyone as well.

Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0
Source Code/Project URL:


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