This project is an Android application allowing users to visualize a 3D interactive map of the night sky and note their observations of meteors by simply pointing their device to the direction they saw it, and tapping the screen at the exact location. It'll soon allow reporting these observations to scientific organizations, and allow anyone to contribute to science. It also provide help and tips for amateurs willing to observe meteors, and a forecast of the upcoming meteor showers.

This project is solving the “Catch a Meteor” Tracker challenge.


The catch a meteor project is an Android ( application aiming to help amateurs as well as experienced meteors observers.

The application gathers the dates, times and details about the upcoming meteor showers. Plenty of useful tips to watch meteors in the best conditions are included in the application as well. This is to encourage amateurs to encourage people to go out there and watch the sky with the best chances not to be disappointed.

The main feature of Catch a Meteor is however aiming both amateur and experienced observers. Users can visualize a 3D map of the night sky in the application and note down their observations of meteors.

Technologies used: Android, OpenGL, Google Sky Map, ORMLite.

Features: Guide & Help to observe meteors, List of this year's meteor showers, Interactive 3D space map, Storage of the observed meteors, Use of double tap on the interactive map to record an observation.

Future Features: Addition of details like magnitude of the observed meteor, share observations on social networks, report the recorded observations to scientific organizations, and more...

Meteor Showers data found on the American Meteor Society Website (cf. project resources). Thanks to Joel Chia for the design of the application splash screen and icon.

Project Information

License: LGPL
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