This project is solving the More Earth Observation challenge.

A crowd sourced project which contributes to accumulation of visual data from across the world. Mostly focusing on unexplored regions.The collection of data will involve simple methods that a layman can implement to gather data.

My Idea involves forming communities in various parts of the globe who will be contributors of visual data from spots that are hitherto unexplored via satellite images. The communities will endeavor to visit the nearest 'Unexplored Sat location' and capture images, videos via below mentioned methods:


Scenario example: A community familiar with kite flying in Kashmir, India, may visit Ladakh and fly their kites rigged with cameras to film/click the aerial view of Ladakh.

Helium balloons: Easy to execute, this method will involve enthusiasts sending out helium balloons to a desired altitude to capture footage.

Example: Helum baloon flyers near Machu Pichu send up helium baloons in and around Machu pichu for over 10-15 days to capture the entire area.


Communities of bird trainers mount cameras to eagles to capture data.

Example: A bird trainer in the Andes.

Human flight:

Enthusiasts with private planes, hang gliders, base jumpers, divers etc from this part of the community and simply record data in the desired spot with the intntion of submitting to NASA.

Additionally - Local airports will tie up with NASA to mount a camera onto the underbelly to record their flights over various locations.

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