This project is solving the Hitch a Ride to Mars challenge.

As exploration to mars increase there is also an increase demand in communication between central space centers and the satellites/rovers in mars. The problem is that the communication within rovers in mars and the central space communication centers in earth can only be established for a short periods of time (eg. Two communications of 6 minutes a day for the curiosity). This causes the need of waiting for long periods of time so that the rover can execute an instruction.

The aim of the project is to have a small constellation with cubesats improving the periods in time a communication can be established in a day between the rovers and the earth. A typical communication link could be done connecting Curiosity - cubesat - MRO and Earth. This project will include a detailed mission project to demonstrate the benefits of having a small constellation of cubesats in mars that will help to improve the communication between earth and the rovers in Mars.

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