Design and create a remote operation system for a Lego robot allowing it to be controlled from a PC, smartphone or tablet. This remote operation interface was built based on a board "Arduino" and using a smartphone operating system "Android". Using a Bluetooth connection instructions were sent to the robot through ultrasonic sensors could detect and avoid objects that were blocking the way.

This project is solving the Lego Rovers challenge.


Android has become a standard alternative over other mobile platforms such as iPhone, Windows Phone or Blackberry to combine into one solution qualities as:

-Free development platform based on Linux and open source. - Portability secured to be developed in java applications. -The design of the user interface is XML.

The purpose of this project is to create an Android based app that allows the user to control a small rover type vehicle using their phone's bluetooth as a means to connect to an Arduino board that commands the movements of the rover. For the realization of the project chose the Android version 2.3.3 as it is the most used by 75% of users.

Software - Eclipse IDE for java Developers - Eclipse Plug-in (Android Development Toolkit-ADT) -Android SDK - Java Runtime Enviroment 5.0. - IDEArduino.

Hardware - Arduino card - Ultrasonic Sensors - Bluetooth - Educational prototype model I-ROBO ES1

Arduino is a development platform based on a computer circuit board and a programming environment responsible for creating the software for that card, compile and burn it to the microcontroller of this.

Both the plaque and the programming environment is Open Source, this way we have access to IDEArduino code and circuit diagrams of the plate is a device capable of interacting with the physical world around us and the virtual world of computers

Why use Arduino? Because the project required it, and to implement the robot control is not necessary to use another kind of architecture since this is appropriate as it does not require a lot of Inputs and outputs, or to purchase any platform or programming language and that is included in the development kit

Bluetooth: Is one of the communication module alternatives presented by the device and the scope of this allows us to manipulate in area no greater than 10 meters and the response time is fast.

Ultrasonic Sensor: obstacles is to display certain distances and the programming interface allows us to modify such distances

Bridge H: H Bridge was used to manipulate the rotation of the motors.

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License: Creative Commons BY 3.0
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