We developed an all terrain rover to create awareness and help people understand more about Curiosity and Mars. It can also be useful in various research. Our rover can go anywhere. It is capable of recording and sharing live audio/video and GPS location over the internet. It can be controlled wirelessly or via internet. Our robot can be fully/semi autonomous and also climb stairs, it can also be modified and used as a wheelchair for differently able people and help wounded soldiers at war.

This project is solving the Curiosity at Home challenge.


We are trying to do is create awareness among the people around the globe what exactly curiosity mars has been doing in Mars. What we have done is built our very own Nepalese Curiosity which can run on any kind of surfaces since it is All Terrain rover. Apart from this there is a camera which is situated at the top of the Nepalese Curiosity rotates in clockwise/anticlockwise direction and shares the audio/video via internet to the server and also to the social networking sites like Facebook and twitter so that each and every individual around the globe can have fair idea what exactly is happening in Mars or lets say to some places around Nepal itself. In addition to this we can share the robot's GPS location via internet on Google maps. Nepalese Curiosity can be used in various aspects. - Can be used to discover the undiscovered places. - Can be used for R&D (Research and Development) in some places where human physical interference is not possible. What else can be done??

• As our robot is fully/semi autonomous & it can rover on unstructured surfaces and climb stairs, it can also be modified and used as a wheelchair for differently able people and help wounded soldiers at war. • Can be used in Natural Disaster like Earthquake. The robot can record the total damage done and can help and even alert rescue team at real time. • We can definitely use some sensors like temperature sensors, IR sensors to share the current temperature of the place where Nepalese Curiosity is.

The entire Mechanical concept was designed by Anil Karki and Arun aryal. The entire electronics was designed by Dipak Pradhan and Anil Karki. The Programming concept and Communication between the robot and server was introduced by Arun Aryal, Dipak Pradhan, Roshan Bhatta.

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/SpaceAppsKtm2013/curiosity-in-kathmandu-nepal.git


Our Story - https://www.dropbox.com/s/b52nl63d70wu6ju/Curiosity%20in%20Kathmandu%20Nepal.docx?v=0mcnc
Hackathon Presentation of Curiosity in Kathmandu Nepal - http://www.slideshare.net/extremephoenix/curiosity-at-home-original