This project is solving the Curiosity at Home challenge.

We are trying to create awareness among the people around the globe what exactly curiosity mars has been doing in Mars. What we have done is built our very own Nepalese Curiosity which can run on any kind of surfaces since it is All Terrain. Apart from this there is a camera which is situated at the top of the Nepalese Curiosity which in therm rotates in clockwise/anticlockwise direction and shares the audio/video to the server or station which in term can be shared to the social networking sites like facebook and twitter so that each and every individual around the globe can have fair idea what exactly is happening in Mars or lets say to some places around Nepal itself. In addition to this we can share the location or lets say track the location via sattellite and share it as well. Nepalese Curiosity can be used in various aspects. - Can be used to discover the undiscovered places. - Can be used for R&D (Research and Development) in some places where human physical interference is not possible. What else can be done?? We can definately use some sensors like temperature sensors, IR sensors to share the current temperature of the place where Nepalese Curiosity is.

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
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