This project is solving the Backyard Poultry Farmer challenge.

Team DevNauts,

We are creating a Backyard Poultry Management System Application that will assist people all over the country to produce and raise chickens that will have a steady supply of fresh eggs and fresh meat. This App will do so by providing the Farmer with a robust functionality of tracking stats on the flock. This will include but not limited to the following:

  1. Production (Number of Laying Hens, Cost, Medical Expenses etc.)
  2. Environmental Variables (Temperature and Weather info)
  3. Education (Egg handling tips, Temperature monitoring, Breeds info, database of Diseases and vaccines for Hens)
  4. Location Base Info (Local Vets, Feed Stores, Legal i.e. Rules and Regulations, T&Cs, etc)
  5. Calendar (Upcoming Poultry Events)

We are aiming to achieve the above by creating a web based app that will allow a farmer to manage data. Our system will contain the above stated elements which a farmer will access through our web interface using any web enabled device. This App will enable the Farmer to regularly update, receive poultry tips and upcoming events about their flock.

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License: GNU General Public License
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