This project is solving the Incentives Tied to Utility Rates challenge.


ECOmpare It’s an android designed app intended to reduce its users energy consumption, which is generated by the use of different electric devices such as computers, videogame consoles, media players, etc. through comparing and obtaining data from the devices of interest of the user; the application delivers information to the user on how much money they would be spending on energy during a specific amount of time, adding to it the initial cost of the product. It gives the user the opportunity to choose the best product and base his decision on a balance of energy versus cost in long and short terms.

Operating mode

Users will type a zip code or the cost of KwH according to where they live, then select from the different categories and choose the device they are interested on purchasing or which they would like to obtain information of; then the users must type an approximated time of how much they would be using the device every day. Users could also add information on their current device (optional), in this way they can make a comparison of it with different products in the market. Then select on whether obtaining information of certain device or compare two different ones (in both ways, in case of having been provided the information of the current device will be shown), this way the information of energy expenditure will be obtained, both in active mode or stand by of each device, lastly adding the initial cost, providing the total amount of money spent that every device would generate.

Project Information

License: Eclipse Public License 1.0
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