ETL framework and Interactive Data visualization client for the selection of wealthy renewable resources areas. The application allows users the estimation of the potential amount of energy in a specific location. Through the use of Business Intelligence and N-tier architecture, Energy2people is the basis of a complete platform for data analysis related to the world of renewable energies. Moreover, Renewable-Energy experts will be able to use better information to make the right decisions.

This project is solving the Renewable Energy Explorer challenge.


Energy2People brings to the people the opportunity to understand the availability of renewable energy resources around the world and the benefits of its exploitation. These objectives are met by means of a web-based application that interprets the NASA data on renewable energy resources and presents them in an accessible and understandable interface for everyone.

The high contamination cost of the energy production is one of the most important problems that our governments are facing. Energy2People raises awareness of the availability of clean methods for energy production. Our application shows that those methods are real alternatives to the traditional contaminant methods by means of quantifying the available energy from renewable resources at a given location in the world.

Energy2People wants to show to the society that it is time for a change in our energy production system.

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