This project is solving the For the Record challenge.

This is a concept brief. It has moved on into more intangible things. Please take it and do as you see fit!


A mobile app capturing, analysing and re-evaluating experience.

A backchannel, live analytics, and interactive psychrometric visualisation tool rolled into one.

An "experience" can be anything from an event or program which is hashtagged and defined according to date and time.

The app we’re developing will allow users to:

  1. Register via twitter, facebook (capture age, gender, academic discipline, education) or e-mail

  2. Sign into an experience via hashtag search (capture location, time and date)

  3. Use a dashboard to: - View and share emotions and tweets by hashtag. - View and share comments from application. - Post and answer questions live (polls, multiple choice, yes/no, open ended).

  4. Aggregate psychometric data from Step 3 and display them using tagclouds, graphs with filters, demographic attributes (see 1 & 2), and responses.

  5. Allow facilitator to make changes according to responses, and update action

  6. Compare separate events or experiences on a timeline to see whether actions i.e. change of presentation material - have payed off.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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