This project is solving the Why We Explore challenge.

Exploring our planet help us to colocate in a context our Earth. It make us wonder about things like: Why Mars is a cold, dry and poor in oxygen and dead? Why Earth has the right conditions to harbor human beings?. By exploring we can get the answers of these questions. That help us to understand our planet, and also allow us to see how we affect it and how it affect us. There are simple and technological reasons to begin the space exploration, humans, make an effort to learn, explore, reach their limits, and see what is out there around the corner.

This is in many ways, an essential need and the space exploration is a fantastic way to manifest this.

We want people to know why is important all this and encourage them to keep exploring through the years, remark the benefits of doing it and also we want to tell why NASA explores and how we get benefited from that.

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