Women all over the world need to monitor their menstrual cycle either to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, especially in developing countries. This is where comes our application, by providing an accurate and comprehensive calendar of ovulation and menses. For reach a maximum of people in our area, we decided to make many versions of the application: web, android, facebook and and sms-based one. Because of the delay and some constraints, we start by some features of the web version.


A Family Planning app with the objective of enabling women and girls to monitor their menstrual cycle in order to make an effective family planning.

Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/familyplanning/familyplanning.git


Demo site - http://www.borgoualibori.com/familyplanning/web/index.html
Presentation - http://www.borgoualibori.com/familyplanning/web/images/apps_challenge.pdf