This project is solving the EarthTiles challenge.

GeoPuzzle is a project we created to tackle the Earthtiles project - converting NASA satellite imagery into tiles that could be used for map creation (via methods like Openlayers and Leaflet). It doesn't stop there however, we're also looking into building an actual map using Openlayers with the tiles that we have created from mostly Landsat & Terra satellite imagery. We have managed to put the tiles of about 5 cities (Casablanca, Dubai, Washington D.C., Paris, & London) together to create a functioning Openlayers map. We have also used Terra imagery to map out great geographical sites such as La Plata flood, dust over Arabian sea, and volcanic activity. We have also tiled up certain maps that can be used for geographical/spacial analysis by making them translucent and overlaying them on base maps. These overlays (currently Noaa's topology & B/W elevation) efficiently demonstrate vital GIS information such as topology and elevation. There are many other maps that we have available and could potentially tile up and use as overlays to illustrate other information such as roads, population density, climate change, and so on. An even further step that was planned for the project was the exportation of these tiles to MOBAC in order to make these maps offline and available for use on Android (via TrekBuddy).

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