This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.

Cell phones are equiped with a diversity of MEMS devices that can be utilized to detect climate conditions autonomously throughout many regions of the Earth. A cloud-based computer network can on-demand (needs of computer software) collect diverse climate related data in support of the Deep Thunder weather prediction software.

This system can once adapted to the Earth environment, can be adapted to the Mars and other space-based environments.

Together, with the related satellite implementation of shade/mirror structures, a global Weather Control System can be built to avert mass extinction and global extinction events. The oceanic conveyors can be maintained to prevent one the systems involving the next Global Extinction Event. The Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves can be rebuilt to protect the coral reefs and many of the oceans wildlife in danger of related extinction. This also protects the coastal regions from saltwater encroachment; thus protecting about 25% of the world's unique species.

This system allows for keeping the Methane Permafrost frozen so that mass extinctions do not result from the methane release reducing microbe diversity and correspondingly increasing pathogene susceptability, and the related accelerated global climate instability.

Of lesser priority, but of greater economic value is the controlling of weather to sustain agricultural production and create stable systems to support the diversity of life, both plant and animal.

The following is a reduced description of the related Weather Control System:

Funding the building of the total system can be from a variety of business related developments. By preventing the saltwater encroachment insurance companies will save trillions of dollars in the related incremental flooding of coastal real estate. Thus providing the funds needed to develop the Deployable Greenhouse and scale it for large population usage.

Agriculture can be assured ideal environments for food production.

A modification of the same system provides: 1) space-based solar farms for energy harvesting 2) low-cost vehicles for asteroid mining applications ( ) 3) low-cost vehicle for existing satellite servicing

This system provides the privatized financial means for the building of space elevators.

The same cell phone can be used in control scenarios because of the diversity in communication protocols (bluetooth, wifi, usb...). Flight Hardened versions of cell phones with special features would be developed as a natural pathway of development to provide a secure and universal remote control (Google Search: openjaus) that can be ported to most any cell phone.

The initial deployable environment can be based upon animals and plants that can survive at the reduced atmospheric pressures, the light intensities and frequencies, and the related minerals available for developing photosynthesis eco-systems. Initially considered are algae and fungus for proteins, and literature review will be needed for low-atmosphere vitamin producing plant-life. To include life like microbes that are capable of converting ambient minerals into nutriants for the greenhouse fauna.

The same system as developed for Earth, provides the global energy needed for Mars. Thereby providing an abundant source of clean energy for Mars inhabitants.

The Earth's Weather Control System should produce the funding needed for Deploying the Greenhouse enmasse; to eventually terraform Mars into an Earth-like environment (comet harvesting of water and building materials).

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