This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.

this proyect is created mentally pursue of mankind achievement through space and also to help humanity needs to prevent hunger around the world and to treat diseases, help society understand that we together the humans were capable of creating unimaginable ideas to broke the chains and change the world. understand that we need to cure hunger in any part of the globe for any reason and for sure beyond earth borders , the creation of a new auto sustained capable of producing vegetables and little trees. A greenhouse, that persues the creation of a new earth, wich is at this moment reachable (Mars) with the basic principles of a deployable greenhouse here on earth, controled environment with top technology and precisely measurement of nutrients and water. Capable of harvesting the best high quality vegetables and also capable to adapt in any environment here or out there. To push mankind conquer through the universe, by the hand of nature with it, this proyect is inteded to Change mankind concept of nature and human development by understanding nature survival. Because we humans are powerful between powerness.

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