This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.

My aim in this project to produce O2 fast and take of little amount of this O2 to storage for hard times.With taking engelmann experiment as an object i will use

How :Firstly im going to select the plant i decided to use my preference is a plant from desert because : -They can keep water so i dont have to give water all of the time and keep it for my self - Because of hard weather in desert they are really good plants and keep growing in hard times. - When there is water it takes all and use it economicly - Desert plants can absorpation steam and in greenhouse there are always be steam so it can be reusable water.

     Second Thing:
             - Temprature sand and earth
             - Set a temprature that can plants live and it wont be hard cause of desert plants are strong for hard enviorements.
             - Mix earth and sand earth can hold water inside and sand can make the plant live better.
             - Using temprature sensor for make the envoriment better.

Attaching raspberry pi: I had figure out that i could use raspberry pi as an main board that controls complex system so first thing i have to get an raspberry pi and 4.3 Lcd screen connect them together

The Thing that i couldnt do ;

I couldnt do graphics programming for raspberry pi but i have done my writing on sketch up by using module and connect temprature sensor with raspberry pi

i couldnt make the real one but i have design.

Sorry for couldn't complate my project i hope i could finish my project next year and thank you for all your time.

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License: GNU General Public License
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