The hello-curiosity project achieve the goal to build a nice, fast, responsible web application, with useful information, linked with your social networks, and that fits perfectly with your tablet and or smartphone. This software gather information among several websites, including the official curiosity page, at nasa domain, and then compile all these information in a unique and beauty source.

This project is solving the Curiosity at Home challenge.


Hello, curiosity!

This project is solving the Curiosity at Home challenge in the International Space Apps Challenge, led by the NASA.

Core team

  • Glauber Magalhães
  • Silas Monteiro
  • Joselito Jr.
  • Fernando Jr.
  • Gustavo Pinto {[email protected]}

Challenge Description:

Bring awareness of the Curiosity Rover’s activities down to earth. Foster a connection between citizens and the rover through software, visualizations, or a remote or app-controlled "home rover" that connects people to Mars and the Mars Rover, educating them and encouraging Mars enthusiasm.

See it online: Video:


  • Crawl sources of information about the rover over ther internet
  • Filter false-positive (need improvements) informations and summarizes it as a rest interface
  • Nice web-based interface to interact with the final user

Notes and Todo

Certain areas could use some cleanup and polish.

  • Add onther sources of information
  • Add a scheduler to crawl the information about the rover
  • Storage this information in a non-relational database

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Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
Source Code/Project URL:


Video Hello, Curiosity -