This project is solving the Smart Cities, Smart Climate challenge.

Observing is the first step for the understanding. BACK GROUND: Generally speaking, We need an understanding of the global environment.

POURPOSE: In addition to evaluate the value of the global environment, and that many people understand the current situation, and to be able to share the recognition.

STEP: There is a need to make observations on a regular basis in constantly. so that's why we will make some low-cost sensor devices and application for capturing the live time stream, movies, and pictures with geotag as using a fixed point cam. We want to build an observation network that everyone can use.

RESULT: Be basing on the those data, we talk about it whichi is the communication and discussion. It itself also has produced value. Also, by being in the world observer us a number of sharing information, it becomes that the observation is made constantly throughout the year, can you notice quick to such an error occurs and local environmental change on a global scale is born there is also resistance.

CONCLUSION: Now, we introduce the system a part of it. We wish, we share the image of the goal.

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