This project is solving the Reach For the Stars challenge.

I'm not dreaming is an 3D inter-active application developped under android that plunges children on the center of the universe . a beautifull Robot (called Robert ) is the guide of the child . At first of the application , a boy that represent the child is sleeping . in his dream he meet Robert and Robot present himself and tell that he is his guide who will make him travel on other planet and then ask questions about Fuse , composition etc... if he find the right answer at leat 2 the enter together in the Fuse and the robot will let the chilfren drive the engine. The robot ask again questions about planets (their numbers , their names etc...) . when he find the right answer they take off and during this wonderfull travelling in the space to Mars with the robot , the child find stars , astéroids , black hole etc..and the robot tell him about everything he saw ! Arrived on Mars the robot ask him question about what he teach him about ( stars , astéroids etc...) in the space if the child pass successfully this test the robot talk him about Mars ( his diameter , possibility of life or not , water , speed of rotation etc...) . The travel will contunue on other planets if the child find the previous answer ! At the end the come back on earth and they made a resume of all ! And the child wake up .

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