This project is solving the More Earth Observation challenge.

A comprehensive web application is designed and developed to respond to this challenge. The idea is to allow users to navigate between Google and Bing satellite views, select a spot on map where the satelitte imagery is missed or blurred and then fill up a simple form to identify the requirements. A final list of locations gets published in the welcome page under the tab LIST, where other users can vote (+/-) to support each request. This will clarify the importance of having a satellite imagery for each location in respect of public opinion. More votes, brings the place of the spot hihger in the listthus could be reported to Nasa or other commercial imagery providers about such demand.

There are several other features added to this application to make it more attractive and social friendly: 1- Users can freely sign up and register unlimited locations 2- Users are not limited only to one satellite map provider 3- Users can post their Discovery on social media such as Facebook and twitter and Google + 4- Other users can view each request details and vote positively or negatively on each item

The user would select a spot because: A- The spot has low resolution imagery B- The spot has no imagery C- The spot has cloudy imagery D- The spot has old imagery E- The spot has censorsed imagery

The user can also pinpoint the usage of satellite imagery he is requesting:

Mapping and Location-based Services Disaster Response Meteorology Agriculture Forestry Biodiversity conservation Regional planning Education Intelligence and warfare. Etc.

This application uses Apache Server,Pyton, Postgre Open Library and resources are: Django, JQuery UI, Openlayer, Map tiles from Google & Bing

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License: LGPL
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