This project is solving the Seeing in Space challenge.

In Flight treatment of VIIP and IOP using an earth based proven treatment to relieve constriction of the vertebral artery at the occipital area by SCM(sternocleidomastoid),Trapezius, and Sub-Capitus muscle attachments in the occipital area. Cerebral stimulation by electricity,laser, or sound of the appropriate Ear Reflex control point will rapidly (30 - 90 seconds) relax these deep muscles through which the vertebral artery runs. Based on rapid relief of patients suffering migraines due to same structure but different cause ( constriction of vertebral artery due to muscle spasms) It is predicted that vision will start to improve within a couple of minutes.

The in space study will use sound as there are no contraindications. The medical app iTherapysmartcure uses extremely low frequency sound waves to relieve pain and improve 33 different health conditions. It also contains a programmable frequencies for custom treatment.

The IN Flight Study would use the Headache Protocol in the App iTherapysmartcure, currently available on Apple and Android devices.

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