The main objective of the Deployable GreenHouse challenge, is the design of a temporary greenhouse, that generates a series of ancillary resources, which enable a manned mission, on a planet as the Moon or Mars, to remain for one longer time. Taking into account the following essential aspects (design, energy, location, Assembly and use), the Group started to develop ideas to solve the challenge, which are presented in the following report.

This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.


In the part of design had aspects into account as the support of pressure, the portability, the internal sustainability and water, to which offered solutions as a structure with a system of exchange of gases based on the principle of the camera hyperbaric, also in the parts of water, considering that it is dangerous to a half such methods of obtaining water using molecules from oxygen and hydrogen, we find the study by two scientists from the University of illinois (Zachariah Heiden and Thomas Rauchfuss) which have discovered the possibility of using metal hydrides unconventional for a chemical process that is part of the process of formation of water. The consumption of energy, such as solar panels and not to be dependent on sunlight, in turn may have attached a magnetic power generator also how the sunlight does not come with the same intensity as in the Earth or the Moon, nuclear power is an efficient option (applied in the Rover Curiosity). For the location of the capsules you can count on existing exploration by space probes orbiting the planet to colonize in turn from the robot's exploration sent previously, as in the case of the curiosity on Mars. And many more important aspects in the design of an ideal prototype Deployable GreenHouse we developed in the attached report.

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