The idea of have a resource to conect to people whit the NASA, specially whit the mision to mars curiosity, and that was exciting for adults, childrens and all the public, It was the reason to create a game that shows all the stages which had to pass the rover curiosity to Mars.

This project is solving the Curiosity at Home challenge.


The advertising Department of the Mission has been trying to achieve this goal. In our research, we found numerous resources provided by NASA, from images and videos of excellent resolution to interactive games online. As it is the guided tour online "Explore curiosity home" (, which shows all the different descubirimientos that has made the curiosity from the sssf to Mars. Then we observe that you need to do more interactive part the trip of the curiosity, and in that base the game.

The game is divided into 4 levels:

1 Gun your journey, where the goal is to show the player every part of the rocket and additional information (pictures, videos and data cuirosos), and that the construct each part to be launched

2 Countdown, here the player can control the launch of the rocket, then your path to get out of the Earth, (should have control of decoupling for each phase of the launch as when ejects the Solid Rocket Motors).

3 Outer space, at this level of the game the player will need to follow the path from Earth to Mars (perhaps with the unexpected that meets certain asteroids or trash in space)

4 The real mission begins, this part the player lives in the 7 minutes of terror, by snapping each part of the spacecraft in order and on time to be able to gently lower the rover.

Our team in the 2 days of competition in the space apps challenge, development modeling, menu and part of each level scenarios, but a real NASA support is needed to develop a powerful, robust game and that you can get to enter the market of video games and it can have an impact more important in young people.

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