Last year the We Love Data team 3D printed Mini Jon with the intention of then launching me on a high altitude weather balloon. Unfortunately time (and red tape) meant that we were unable to get Mini Jon on a launch. However! Never one to give up, Mini Jon is back for Space Apps 2013 fully intending to take his mission to get to space to the next level as training for his eventual launch beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. To help us complete this challenge we will need: • technologists specialising in 3D printing or space hardware to design and print/build a capsule for Mini Jon that can be carried by a high altitude • technologists specialising in video, GPS, 3G broadcast and tracking systems so we can record Mini Jon’s journey (ideally streaming live footage) and retrieve him after his flight • a high altitude weather balloon and permission to get Mini Jon on it. If you have the skills, desire and ambition to help us successfully complete these challenges then we’d love for you to join us. While the approach will be very playful, we’re taking the missions very seriously and fully intend to get me to space. I’ll be speaking by video with various experts (including ESA astronaut Tim Peake who is a patron of the Unlimited Space Agency) over the weekend and uploading our conversations to UNSA’s Youtube channel.

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