This project is solving the Lego Rovers challenge.

Lego rover controlled by raspberry pi

Raspberry pi connected to lego "brick" and control it by using nxt-python. Control Robot through web page on raspberry which also streaming video from webcam.

We dicide to divide project into several parts. In the beginning we build and develop constructions of lego-robot, install Usb-Hub, raspberry-pi, camera and four Lego sensors. One team prepares web-interface to controll robot's movings. Second team develops web-server, which interacts with user through interface. Then we makes interaction between web-server and our robot.

Our Team:

Evgeny Konstantinov - Author of our project ; Nikolay Tarasov - Robot Building, Colloborative editing; Dmitriy Smirnov - Web-server developing, Colloboration; Alexander Badalov - Web-server developing; Sergey Bagenov - Research, Ideas; Natalia Trefilova - Web-interface developing; Kseniya Keksina - Programmer

Project Information

License: BSD 3-Clause License
Source Code/Project URL: