This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.

Greenhouse down to Mars

Deployment System

Consists of an automated mechanism for vertical deployment of 3 main chambers that stay transparent one another within the sequence:

Composed by:

1 Central concave upper chamber

2 cameras of different diameter cylindrical geometry lower

1 base main lower anchor cylindrical element support electro hydraulic, solar powered, which provide the drive mechanism of deployment., Plus receive therein the three ascending deployment cameras, "mother tree", and center drill.

Each camera has embedded links rings whose geometry and characteristics allow to rise evenly and reach the limit of its travel, connect, seal and push, and therefore the entire system despliegen.

In the main lower base, there is a central system electro hydraulic

Composed by:

1 "mother tree" or "plant hydraulic cylinder" which houses planters and life support equipment, which rises through the center of the dome, sequentially, and robotics has axial and radial displacement for the plant maintenance function meets the :

Push the center concave upper chamber, until it stops.

Once deployed and sealing system proceeds to unfold down (in the center of the base) a drill master, whose function is to subministrar Martian soil inside our dome, whose amount will be defined by the geometry of our drill and sensors

The center drill scheduled perform respective movements, culminating being underground but being always connected to the bottom of the dome, in order to generate a permanent anchoring system, such as protection from the strong winds of the planet Mars.

The particulate Martian soil obtained from the drilling, will be met at the bottom of the dome, segmented vided travez of robotics, and recepcionada for this "mother tree" central hydraulic pots despliege hosts the radio with this Martian soil.

Our tree mother, has a central joint system deployment travez radial arms (which we will call "squirrels") connected to the same hub in the core of our tree, with sensors that indicate and regulate, BOD, pH, composition chemistry, temperature and nutrients required for the creation of a "Martian soil particulate, optimal for the growth of life",

These "squirrels" keychain agronomy information naturally programmed function of the elements to plant.

Be carried out by planting squirrels in each planter, the Instruction travez biodegradable pellet, inside which respective seed was found.

The water will drip subministrabada travez dispensing valves directly connected pressurized water and applied by our squirrel.

The roots of the plants will be controlled by the weight sensors installed in the bottom of our pots,

These pots have holes in the bottom that allow exhaust via projection of the root out of the pot. When the weight exceeds a limit set planter himself conduct a guillotine cut at its base.

Pressurization, leak testing gas works

Use for maintenance support, and generation of oxygen,

Power source: Heolica, solar.

Rodrigo Melo Melo Chile - south america [email protected] [email protected]

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License: Apache License, Version 2.0