This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.

Terraforming Mars, one greenhouse at a time.

Basic Outline: Landing of a rover with a 3D glass printer on Mars for the construction of a dome shaped greenhouse. The main priming substance will be hydrogen peroxide which spontaneously decomposes into oxygen and water in the presence of sunlight. A gel medium will be used to culture plants. A microfluidic system will be impregnated within the gel system to provide nutrients to the plant system. A "Bear Hugger" will be used as the thermal control system in order to control temperatures within the greenhouse. A silver zeolite system will be used to trap produced oxygen and store it in a separate tank. Photovoltaic power will be provided by integrated photovoltaic circuits in the design of the dome and traditional photovoltaic systems that were used to power the 3D printer.

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