This project is solving the “Catch a Meteor” Tracker challenge.

The aim of our challenge is to create user-friendly Android app which locates a meteor crossing the sky. This app will contain a sky-chart that you can use to find the place on the sky where the meteor visually passed. Users should enter the trail of the meteor as they saw it on the sky, on their own. Additionally using GPS location and timing you can locate the exact place of where the meteor was seen. The app will be useful to everyday users who will need to enter their meteor observations, as for advanced meteor observers either, for more experienced ones more options will be available and they will need to enter data from bigger meteor showers (Perseids, Geminids) . It will have general information about meteors like what is a meteor, explanation about stellar magnitudes of bigger stars etc, and also this app can be shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.).

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License: GNU General Public License
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