Meteorienteer fireball tracker allows observers to create eye-witness reports with their portable devices. The application integrates to a Finnish fireball tracking system It will be later integrated to AMS database. The application uses device sensors, camera and location tools to eliminate human observation errors. Sensor-aided reporting leaves very little for user to fill in and enables effortless user experience. Now anyone can contribute to meteorite tracking challenge.

This project is solving the “Catch a Meteor” Tracker challenge.


Team Members

Emma Herranen - Mother of Taivaanvahti Observation Tracking System
Anjuli Pullinen - Code Princess of the Unityverse
Marko Kärkelä - Master of the Unityverse
Anssi Eteläniemi - Qt Stargazer
Ville Ranki - Qt Internet Plumber
Saija Eteläniemi - Qt Shooting Star / Expedition Lead

Current progress


Android, MeeGo


English, Finnish

Integrated Meteor Trackers



Creating eye-witness report
Report upload, currently in testing against Taivaanvahti Interface



iOS, Windows Phone, SailfishOS, BB10


After first release, will be translatable in Transifex
All translation donations welcome

Integrated Meteor Trackers

American Meteor Society Meteor Tracking System


Social Integration
Observation History
Meteor Info
Image Upload
more features in our github issue tracker

Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL:


Project presentation -
Taivaanvahti -
American Meteor Society -
Main UI -
Camera view -
Flight path adjustment view -
Coordinates report field -
Flight length report field -
After submission view -