MexiLEGO project is a solution to Lego Rovers challenge. Contributing with an easy interface to control a remote robot (Lego Mindstorms) in a very flexible way. MexiLEGO is a compleate plataform to plan funny space exploring missions. It will motivate children and show them what happen in a real scenarios. Using this plataform the children can learn faster and more easy the challenges of remote exploring. MexiLEGO will be the next training plataform for the future astronauts, the children!!!

This project is solving the Lego Rovers challenge.


Thinking in children we design an easy, intuitive and funny application. Allowing to simulate a lot of exploring missions.

The limit is the imagination.

The application provides a graphical interface to send a movement command to remote unit (Lego Mindstorms robot). Simulating the delay of telecommunications.

The app allow to specify a maximum displacement of 50 cm (aprox.). Turning in 1° steps.

Children can see the feedbacks of sensors of the remote unit and can act according them.

Setting the "Mission parameters" you define the autonomus behavior of the robot, when some conditions happen.

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License: Mozilla Public License 2.0
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