This project is solving the Tour of the Moon challenge.

A hack that sets up a web application to enable humans word wide to 'tour' the Moon. This application is intended to be accessible to the general public for educational use. Uses NASA data and makes it accessible.

See a video of our Hack And another

Our application attempts to enable humans worldwide to see and interact with detailed Moon imagery in their web browsers. There is basic interaction (zoom, pan), crater identification and identification of unique locations (lunar landing sites, crash sites, etc.) We also overlay other readily available data sets (terrain elevation, moon nonmenclature). Data set provided by NASA, images from end 2012.

We overlay image data sets (KML files) of the Moon from the GRAIL mission on 3D generated lunar topography (using Google Moon and Earth API with JavaScript and JQuery). Using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML. One person has also developed an approach in Java.

Features implemented: - Interactive 3D model of the Moon - Ability to overlay MoonKAM images onto the model based on associated latitude and longitude information for each image - Latitude- and longitude-based search - Ability to display images over a certain time period

In Progress/Incomplete - Allow images to be annotated within the application (using Google Earth API) - Allow a spacecraft flyby over selected terrain (working on a spacecraft view - having trouble loading 3-d image. - Ability to use a sliding time scale to show various images of the same location taken over time

Did not do - Show Gravity overlay (instead, we did Terrain Elevation),

The application was hacked together in ~15 hours. We plan to develop this application further, so please reach out if you are interested in collaborating, or are working on similar stuff !

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License: GNU General Public License
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