Perpetuality is a resource-game where you receive a starting capital to build energy plants. You have to find the best spots using NASA heatmaps that show the availability of renewable energy types. Local building prices of the plants differ and the energy is sold locally for new credits, so you can build more and more plants. Ultimate goal is to get the whole planet 100% renewable. Every day, one year passes and every your effort will be compared to that of rest. Join and "Save the World!"

This project is solving the Renewable Energy Explorer challenge.


Perpetuality is a "Renewable Energy Explorer"-game.

14 people from Netherlands, Japan and Spain cooperated and quickly formed teams: one group was devoted to gathering various spatial datasets and making these accessible for the others, a civil engineer created the necessary models, the front-end team had a programmer, an artist and a webdesigner, back-end team consisted of a database designer and an infrastructure specialist. We had automated deploy set up so anyones code was running on the test-website momentarily.

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License: GNU General Public License
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